Do you require a Quotation for a White Peg and Pole, White Frame or Beige Stretch Tent?

If so, we need to know the following from you in order to give you the correct size and price.

  1. Measure the area you have available.eg 6m long and 20m wide.
  2. When Is your Function?
  3. Where is your Function? Address
  4. How many people do you want to accommodate in the tent?
  5. How will the people be seated? At chairs only or at tables and chairs ? if tables, round or long tables?
  6. Do you require additional space in the Tent for a food station/bar area/stage area/dance area etc?
  7. What is the surface that the tent is to go up on? Eg. grass/tar/concrete/ground/paving.
  8. What type of tent are you wanting?

Once you know the above information kindly call or email us.

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